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Welcome to the official site of the "Aéro Club du Var" (ACV).
Update 01/09/2020

You will find below some explanations of the French system of the "Aéro club", the translation of the titles of this site pages, and some additional topics about the flight in the area.

The "Aéro Club du Var" is not a FTO (Flying Training Organisation). The "Aéro Club" french system is based on the french law of 1901 about the non-profit associations. Hence you cannot fly their planes if you are not a full member of this association. You also have to subscribe an insurance through the "Fédération Française Aéronautique" (FFA, French Aeronautical Federation). The membership fees are given on the "Club>Inscription-Tarifs avions" page through the main menu. When you are member, you cannot directly hire a plane, you have to be checked with an instructor and obey the club's rules. We charge for the flights through the hour meter system and count the flight hours by the minute. Flying fares are in the "Club>Inscription-Tarifs avions" page through the main menu, DC meaning "double commande" ie. dual. Planes are Robin DR 400 from 120 to 180 hp, and a lone Piper Warrior 160 hp.

The "Aéro Club du Var" is proud to offer you the possibility of paying two discovery flights ("Vols d'initiation avec instructeur") without taking the full membership.

The "Aéro Club du Var" is located on the civil (northern) side of the military repair base of Cuers-Pierrefeu airport (LFTF). How to find us by road is on the "Club>Plan d'accès" page. There is no public transportation available but taxis.

If you want to fly-in (no PPR necessary but no customs on field, check if you are "Schengen"), you will find the current airport map on the "Préparation de vol" page through the main menu. Also some links for weather forecast or NOTAMs. You may be asked a seven numbers code which is usually given through the FFA. Some rental car outfits are pleased to place a car on the field free of charge before your arrival. Try for example, Loca-Express (free only when a minimum of 3 days are rented) on the 00 33 494 144 086.

Flying around here can be arduous ... Wind and hills may combine to make the flight quite bumpy or cause a strong crosswind (usually 10 - 15 kt on the hard runway). Also, if you are not accustomed with mountain flying, disorientation may come quickly at low altitudes (below 3 000 ft). Radio is mandatory, in french if possible. The airfield is more than often not controlled and you have to know the self-information radio and joining / transit procedures.

We do have some english speaking flying instructors (FI) to train with. Please book well in advance (a month...) through the club if you want to fly with them as members of our club. Phone and e-mail are given at the top of every page .

We often have requests about flying in La Môle airport which requires a special qualification. Only a few instructors are La Môle rated. The full list may be available through the aeronautical district at Marseille.

See you soon at Cuers.